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An article or story that is "in press" means that is in the process of being published. And when it comes to your business or message, a story that is in press or viewed digitally equates to exposure with your target audience.

InPress, LLC is an award winning boutique public relations and integrated marketing consulting agency that brings your message to life, producing big results for clients of every size and budget.

Small but mighty, InPress is selective in the projects we choose to focus on quality over quantity.  The overarching goal is to create an awareness and trust of your brand among your target market. Your destination, business or event deserves visibility, and InPress will help develop you build credibility among the public and your stakeholders. There is significant value in the power of earned and social mediums on shaping public perception.

InPress taps into earned (non-paid), shared (social), owned (digital) and paid mediums (advertising) to maximize your message with a detail-oriented approach.

Media are inundated with press releases daily. InPress's long standing relationship with the media, ability to create a relevant news hook result in top media placements which impacts into your bottom line.

When shaping your brand’s image, reputation, perception or culture, InPress will help establish genuine connections between you, the public and media.

You have choices. Why not choose a PR firm that delivers measurable, impressive results?


Public Relations


When you need a dependable public relations plan or strategy, you need someone with the know how to produce results. Find out how InPress can help you achieve your goals. 

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Integrated Marketing


Find out how InPress links a variety of marketing and public relations methods to produce results.

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