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In 2023, Elevate the Spectrum in collaboration with the Garza owned McDonald's presented "HERO Bags" to several first responders and police. HERO Bags were the brain child of autism non profit, Elevate the Spectrum, and include items that may help reduce the over-stimulation that may occur when autistic individuals encounter first responders. The long term goal was to make HERO Bags accessible nationwide to all first responders to ultimately help de-escalate encounters for people with autism.

InPress captured the special presentation and generated significant coverage for the event. Attendees

included, among others, State Police, APD, first responders, Lt. Governor Howie Morales Mayor Tim Keller, Reps. Cates and Hernandez; Duke City Gladiators, JAG, NMPTA and several other organizations.

InPress wrote a script and edited the video, which has been shared with numerous organizations as a marketing tool to inspire others to request HERO Bags in their communities. Additionally, the video is being shared among McDonald's owner/operators nationwide to impact change.

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